Top 3 Proof-of-Stake projects by market capitalization

We are closing in the third financial quarter of the year, this is a time when financial reports can cause important movements across markets. The quarterly periods would be accurate for any company that operates on a calendar year. However, some companies operate on a fiscal year, and they have their own quarterly calendars that typically differ from those shown above. Companies choose to operate on a fiscal year if they operate in a business that is highly seasonal. However, there is an asset class that behaves quite independent, and has little to no interest in the fiscal quarters; The cryptocurrency market it is known to have movements independent from traditional markets, there is no financial statement released at the end of the month or quarter or year, there are no earnings/share to be checked, there is no clear way at the moment to measure the performance of teams behind different projects. Still, it seems like the most common sense thing to do is to focus our attention on market capitalization. We think the amount of money they managed to extract from the huge fiat empire is a good indicator of the work done by developing teams. In this article we try to note some of the latest developments inside the top 5 Proof-of-Stake projects based on the objective ranking of their market cap. size.

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