[email protected] 10,000.00 Posting in bitcoin talk with signature 50 posts
[email protected] 10,000.00 Twitter 50 posts
[email protected] 7,000.00 Blog creation
[email protected] 14,000.00 Promotional Video production 30 seconds minimun
[email protected] 18,000.00 Promotional Animated video any technique any platform 15 seconds minimum
[email protected] 200 Per traduction
[email protected] 500 Signature design

The Rules are as follows:
The participants must send a prívate message with their intention of participating in the categories they choose.
Yes you can Apply in more than one.
Bankcoins will be distributed at the end of the ICO, so you must register yourselves in the ICO page so that we can deposit
you your bankoins after it is over on December 15.
Registration in the ICO webpage will began on Tuesday Nov 2 2016.
Yes you can register yourselves here before Nov 2 via prívate message and afterwards send us your registration email.

Signature design
We will choose one signature!! It must include an image that may be taken from our website and a link to our website and our slogan
Yet we do not limit ourselves to this format be creative!!

will be accepted starting tomorrow Oct 26 2016 until Oct 28 2016, the

winner will be announced on the 29 on Oct 2016.

Code of conduct for posts
(Yes theres one)


keep the Foul language low guys and sorry we will not tolérate jokes or

comentaries that reflect hatred toward any group or person.
Of course we are for freedom of speech, lets just manage the discussion in a constructive way.

posts, animations, tweets, videos or blog content of any kind must not

talk of the platform or the staff in a negative way

(After all this is for the promotion of the platform and bankoins), yet we do apreciate well founded critics.

each category the total bag of bankcoins will be distributed between

all participants with the exeption of traductions and the signature

design which will be honored in a case by case basis.

We do

understand that some may be worried that the Price will be diluted

between a lot of participants, the number will be regulated at our

discretion yet we will be fair.
In order to get your reward at the end of the ICO please do not change your signature until you recieve your bankoins.
We will Pay all bounties at the following day of the end of the ICO December 16 2016