ParityGame to use Ontology for Existing Products and a new Platform

Ontology has announced its plans with award-winning game developers ParityGame to co-develop a game platform using Ontology open-source technology. In addition to development, Ontology will also support ParityGame with capital, marketing, and operations.

ParityGame’s first VR blockchain-based game “The Isolated City” will be launched on Ontology. The game is built with Unreal Engine 4 that supports DX11, PhysX, APEX, and NVIDIA 3D technology, which brings ultra-high definition image quality. Its game preview received over one million views on video sharing website Bilibili.

Ontology and ParityGame will also integrate blockchain into Skrskins, a gaming items and assets marketplace. The platform already has over 500,000 trading users, with over 10,000 daily average page views and an active gaming community of over 60,000 individuals. The marketplace will provide users with more efficient, transparent, and liable game asset trading.

Blockchain games are currently a niche market where quality is overlooked in place of transaction volume for the platform and short-term material gain for the user. ParityGame aims to set itself apart from this, developing games that users actually want to play, which are enhanced with blockchain as an underlying technology (for example by creating transparent and fairer game economic models).

As one of the world’s first batch of blockchain game publishers, ParityGame already has more than 30 H5 mini-games and cooperates with over 20 Steam overseas game developers. ParityGame will also move many of their games to the Ontology blockchain. Seven H5 mini-games are also scheduled to be launched on the Ontology blockchain.