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Step 4 - Make Entries

Generate a new Entry Credit address.

> factom-cli newecaddress EC27kDNpFcJQwvdpFXaXjPqhtDSf6VK8kRN8Fv7EkhvS9tVkuAfX

Get some Entry Credits to be able to make entries.

> factom-cli buyec FA28PitepUziaDrLeVAcioNfzHdBc7mvyJJHvag2vyhWm7JR3t8S EC27kDNpFcJQwvdpFXaXjPqhtDSf6VK8kRN8Fv7EkhvS9tVkuAfX 30 TxID: f378ef393897d5cc5ef910eb3c9aeea5988dfdbb8b94a6cc6a31c5876f629b6a

Create a chain to make entries into.

> echo "first testnet chain" | factom-cli addchain -e chainName EC27kDNpFcJQwvdpFXaXjPqhtDSf6VK8kRN8Fv7EkhvS9tVkuAfX Commiting Chain Transaction ID: c1a2861d14b788c13d6c48f1e5603f5c53afc599d07d338deeb4c3d5012e24da ChainID: a4ab1e2ef212208b3513c5f06fcdcfa79b7c2b610526ce2dc374bb789700a791 Entryhash: 232d1e54ecdfc369cc66e35dda73ce4beb7dffd3e75af94192034e79beaf6c8f

Make an entry in the newly created chain.

> echo "second entry in the first chain" | factom-cli addentry -c a4ab1e2ef212208b3513c5f06fcdcfa79b7c2b610526ce2dc374bb789700a791 EC27kDNpFcJQwvdpFXaXjPqhtDSf6VK8kRN8Fv7EkhvS9tVkuAfX Commiting Entry Transaction ID: 1d6b9d7159a27b91cd389738eb2b3b01143aaaf39ef46388f47abb8b32698811 ChainID: a4ab1e2ef212208b3513c5f06fcdcfa79b7c2b610526ce2dc374bb789700a791 Entryhash: 2460e676d4f4c89ccf0608b2e3134421b9075fb956af76c02af78991e6faafdc

Step 5 - Read Entries

Read entries with the get allentries command.

> factom-cli get allentries a4ab1e2ef212208b3513c5f06fcdcfa79b7c2b610526ce

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