Ethereum DApp Creators // Issue #08 vDice

  • Last week on Issue #07 we talked with Martin Köppelman from Gnosis about what Gnosis is, how it works, and what apps are being built on top of it.

    This week we’ll be focusing on vDice, an Ethereum based gambling DApp with a dice game and more on the way.

    You can read that and all the previous issues of the Ethereum DApp Creators series along with our Ethereum Contributors Series at

    This interview series is about the people who work hard to develop decentralized applications on top of Ethereum.*JyLspDaIiDXFXSwstdk6eA.png

    vDice is a highly popular betting game on Ethereum currently, it was also the
    the first one. Your vSlice token sale was a success and the VSL token
    can now be bought on multiple exchanges. You’re planning to expand onto
    your new vDapps platform and get vDice adopted more broadly by giving
    the users the ability to play on mobile, so obviously we were interested
    in hearing more about where vDice is headed.

    Could you give us a short summary of what vDice is?

    vDice is classic SatoshiDICE implemented as an Ethereum Smart Contract.

    Since launching, a lot of devs reached out to us. They were new to Ethereum and were starting to experiment with writing their own dapps. They didn’t have any interest in promotion or building their own brand and platform. So we turned vDice into a platform where 3rd party developers could leverage a brand to launch their own dapps.

    The classic SatoshiDICE game has been live for a while now. It is one of the first working, main-net Dapps, in Ethereum, successfully processing Tx, uninterrupted.

    We are actively working on expanding the number of games on the platform beyond this first game, in line with market demand.

    What is your background and what do you do at vDice?

    Well there is a lot of overlap between roles, as you can imagine. And a lot of 3rd party contributors, etc. But generally speaking I am the project development head.

    I was an engineering project manager outside of software. I had a reputation for getting stuff done and projects completed, on time and under budget. I was introduced to Ethereum, immediately saw the potential, and invested. I had no real knowledge of blockchain before that. I did not come from the Bitcoin space, like many others.

    Why a dice game?

    The idea was simple. We saw that Ethereum was mind-blowing blockchain tech. But it was still missing some key application level infrastructure.

    Namely, no one had done classic SatoshiDICE style betting as an Ethereum Smart Contract. This interested us. We felt Ethereum really needed it. So we built it.

    Classic SatoshiDICE is a critical piece of infrastructure for any new blockchain. If Ethereum is going to be taken seriously, it at least needs this at the application layer.

    It is also a good place from which to provide needed community feedback on Tx processing, on main-net, using an Oracle. Also, it provides the opportunity to use Smart Contracts to expand on the blockchain betting experiment that was started with Bitcoin and Classic SatoshiDICE. Smart Contracts and full programmability allow for expanded experimentation.

    It’s gone from Classic SatoshiDICE to a platform for 3rd party developers to show-off their betting Dapps.

    What is vDapps? What kind of vDapps can we expect to be the first ones released?

    vDapps is a place for 3rd party developers to show-off their ETH betting Smart Contracts. It allows independent developers access to a brand, to capitalise on any betting smart contracts they write.

    So they can focus on just writing code. We expect a lot more developers to be attracted to blockchain, Ethereum and solidity these coming years. And betting contracts are a great entry point.

    We also think it will help to attract new talent to the space. If they know they can write dapps and leverage a brand for immediate success, then the incentives are so well aligned they will definitely start writing them.

    How can vDice benefit from a mobile user interface?

    Mobile is huge in emerging markets and Asia. So there is a big crossover between mobile markets and vDice key markets.

    As bet processing gets faster, on-chain, the only missing piece will be usability at the front-end. Then blockchain games can compete with centralized database services.

    So a beautiful, intuitive, user interface, on mobile, is key for vDice ongoing success, in key markets, taking a longer-term view.

    What is the most exciting feature of vDice in your opinion?

    Users can play without having to trust anyone with their funds. Betting occurs with a smart contract on the network, directly from a user’s wallet. Tied to this, only knowledge of a playing address and an internet connection are required. This is an exciting new paradigm.

    What can people in the Ethereum community do to help vDice?

    They can contribute feedback as to mobile implementation, from a user perspective. That would be of most benefit right now. Or, of course, code up your own game and reach out to us. Then both parties benefit.

    And a closing question; What are you looking forward to from the year 2017?

    A gorgeous, functional, user-friendly implementation of vDice main game for mobile.

    Thank you, looking forward to your next new game and seeing your games on mobile.

    Disclaimer: We’d like to remind everyone to stay in control and play responsibly when gambling.



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