Announcing the Status Network + Whitepaper Draft

  • A next generation ‘socio-economic network’ that puts users in control.

    We aspire for an internet where users get to truly own their own data. An internet where we can preserve the human right to privacy. An internet where we can freely transact without middlemen, and ultimately take back control of our digital identities.

    It’s still just the beginning, but the promise of Web 3.0 and Ethereum is here to stay. Status aims to be a window into this new world. We believe browsers to access the Ethereum network should be completely decentralized, and without centrally imposed restrictions.

    We’re excited to introduce the Status Network — our small contribution in facilitating the trend towards a more open internet, and our next step towards Status being self-governed by its own users.

    In the outline below we present a utility token for the Status application, the Status Network Token (‘SNT’), and the details of our Contribution Period slated for June 17th 2017.

    SNT will be used to power the Status Client, including:

    • Governance of the Status Client
    • A Decentralized Push Notification Market
    • Community Curation of Content, powered by
    • Fiat-to-crypto ‘Teller Network’
    • DApp Directory
    • Sticker Market
    • Access to new features such as Tribute to Talk
    • Powering the Status User Acquisition Engine

    Download the Status Network Whitepaper Draft

    his is not a technical whitepaper, and there are a number of areas that remain ongoing research topics. Join the Status Slack to discuss further.

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