[ANN] [CJ] CryptoJacksCoin-X13 POW/POS|- ICO| Backed by Gaming, Exchange, Mining

  • CryptoJacks (CJ) is floated by a group of Cryptocurrency Enthusiasts and Developers.

    CJ is aimed at offering various facilities (Gaming, Exchange, Mining & Web Hosting facilities) to community and become a Bookmark in Cryptocurrency world.

    As stated in our Caption - Crypto that brings our ideas to life - To expand CJ activities and make members participate in our success, we have decided to sell 360,000,000 Coins of our stake over 36 Rounds 0f 10,000,000 Coins Each (We have opted for ICO to get conducted in rounds only to make Members Discover our True Price over a Period of 36 Rounds seeing our Development process) .

    360,000,000 Coins will be sold during the Initial Coin Offering (ICO) spread over 36 Rounds, 60,000,000 coins will be Mineable during the Proof-Of-Work phase (PoW) and 30,000,000 coins along with stakes will be used for different bounties.


    CJ Round 1 ICO Is Completed !!

    Coins Offered : 10,000,000 coins
    Coins Taken : 49,995,290 coins

    ICO Round 1 Proceeds Excel - https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1op-4acp-CX06rbMLLfJ_9iSu1167bltiKCI3U40e_N4/edit?usp=sharing

    CJ Round 2 ICO (Starts once we get listed at C-cex in Few Hours)

    Coins Offered : 15,004,710 coins
    ICO Price : 50 sats

    STEP I

    People can Opt for it by sending Payment to BTC Address mentioned and PM me for Receiving Coins in Wallet or hit us @ skype (Skype: cryptojackscoin)

    CJ Bitcoin address - 1KNxgQRUsXwVKaNQeuNsXoAuu5gjMgAbbz


    CJ Official Website [Launching Shortly] - CJ Mining Site [Launching Shortly] - CJ Exchange [Launching Shortly]

    Block Rewards:

    Reward from Block 2 up to Block 3000000= 20 coins per block


  • Roadmap:

    Block Explorer:

    CJ Official Explorer





    CryptoGuru - CryptoGods


    Official Pool http://cj.cryptojackspool.com/




    Social Bounty – 1,000,000 CJ


    Translations Bounty - 1,000,000 CJ

    Avatar & Signature Bounty – 8,000,000 CJ

    Details to be Announced Shortly


    Skype: cryptojackscoin

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