uCrypto - Next Gen.latest technology Multi Mining Pool of LTC, BTC, monro, Dash , Zcash & ETH

  • High-speed Matching Engine

    Our proprietary high-speed matching engine supports a maximum capacity of 10,000 transactions per second. We guarantee stability under concurrency of thousands of orders, each one of which will be well processed.

    Full-dimension Protection

    • HTTPS protocol ensures encryption of every single byte of user data.
    • Google Authenticator and 2-Factor authentication available for dual protection.
    • Cold wallet storage for digital assets and multi-signature strategy guarantee asset safety.
    • Security evaluation working with world top security team provide full-dimension protection.

    100% Reserves

    • All your deposits (both fiat and cryptocurrency) on ViaBTC will be 100% reserved,
    • And it won't be used anywhere else

    Fast Deposit & Withdrawal

    • Deposits arrive to account as fast as in 5 minutes
    • Instant processing of cryptocurrency withdrawals


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