• Currently, the process of developing a marketplace for virtual currencies is rapidly gaining momentum. Accordingly, the number of people interested in crypto-currencies also increases. Initially, this applies to those who intend to increase revenues through their investments, that is, potential investors. Most major publishing organizations have identified the DIW Token project as the most promising and stable in the industry of crypto-currency.
    DIW Token is a modernized decentralized platform that guarantees the protection of personal data for the user audience. DIW Token operates on the basis of blockchain technology, which contributes to the work of the platform, in general. The concept of the DIW Token project is to eliminate flaws in the work with the database of personal data of the ecosystem participants. This list includes identity documents, reports on payments made and bank details.

    Along with this, the founders of DIW Token project intend to introduce digital assets into everyday life. Today, many such decentralized ecosystems have certain shortcomings in their functioning. DIW Token is a solution to this problem. DIW Token implies a number of exceptional options, namely reliable digital storage, a wide range of services, the provision of a payment gateway for fiat money and crypto currency.
    DIW Token can solve the following problems:
    insecurity of the personal data of the user community group;
    localization of fraudulent activities in the network, which limits the use and distribution of crypto-currency;
    high commission fees for the implementation of financial transactions.
    The DIW Token platform takes a high position on the ICO in 2018. For its operation, the service uses Secure Vault technology, which eliminates the theft of personal data of a user group on a global scale. Along with this, DIW guarantees the protection of the personal information of the platform participants. These are documents that identify a person's identity, bank and credit data, transaction reports, passwords and other documents that need to be provided during the procedure for KYC verification.

    All personal information received from users of DIW Token will be stored on a special storage device that functions by means of modern encoding of private data. Also on the DIW platform, the owners of their accounts can provide access to personal data for free viewing by other users.
    Project monetization
    The network currency of the platform is called DIW Token, type ERC20. The ICO project will be held in the first quarter of 2018. During its holding for 1 ETN it is possible to gain about 12 000 DIW tokens. The claimed Hard Cap is 76,750 ETH.
    Distribution of DIW tokens:
    70% - ICO campaign;
    15% - developers of the project;
    5% - a group of marketers;
    2% - bounty-campaign;
    8% - the future partner group.
    Depending on the number of participants in the ICO and the amount of funds raised, a certain bonus program will be formed, which provides for various rewards for each investor.

    Features of DIW Token:
    DIW management: project developers are planning a large-scale database in which the user audience can cover a larger sector to provide their services;
    Escrow service: the availability of smart contract technology will allow users of the platform to safely and efficiently execute transactions;
    Electronic Journal of Medical Reports: in the near future, the founders of DIW Token intend to create an electronic encrypted medium, which will contain all the necessary information, this information can be transferred to doctors, laboratories and other healthcare professionals;
    Payment gateway, which will allow you to accept both the crypto currency and the money from the money, and then use them for financial transactions.

    In general, DIW Token is an individual and decentralized service for the recognition of information. This platform allows owners of registered accounts to place personal information on a special encrypted medium and, if necessary, open it for viewing to other users.

    White paper: https://docsend.com/view/qr8a4u7
    ANN: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2567416
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/diwtoken
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/diwtoken/

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