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  • The Blockchain Technology opens many doors to new decentralized businesses and eliminates the need for expensive third parties. Many new companies are now working on this technology, and large companies are testing it in closed networks to collaborate directly with each other without the need for intermediaries. For that reason, there is a lot of projects that are starting to use this new technology. However, not all of them are worth it. We have to read well what each project is dedicated to, what is its whitepaper, its qualified advisors, etc.

    As I said, this technology has gained popularity due to the hype about cryptocurrencies which has shaken many startups to launch their own cryptocurrencies even without convincing fundamentals. This trend has emerged because new entrants have been agiler in adopting emerging technologies compared to incumbents who are hampered by legacy systems.

    Moving to the today's topic... The large number of games available in the market creates a commercial competition that can only be won if the developers have a large advertising and marketing budget. Therefore, the application stores charge significant commissions in the commercialization of games, affecting the income of the developers. Therefore, there is an ongoing struggle to retain the attention and loyalty of the players once they try a particular game. Therefore, an ecosystem of next-generation games must be created to offer robust solutions to these problems.

    For this reason, I present to you Game Loot Network, a blockchain-based platform created to solve the mentioned problems that will defend the developers and the players creating a virtual platform that rewards the players with real value and facilitates the design of games of any budget.

    So, Game Loot Network (GLN) (, is a platform and game ecosystem where developers can build and advertise games online in collaboration with their fans. A global affiliate marketing program feeds the ecosystem with members who are incentivized to play, engage with developers and become fans. The main idea is to give artists the resources to create the games they imagine and reward the players who populate their virtual worlds.

    Game Loot Network can offer many benefits to this industry. Many of them are described in the following list:

    • GLN will democratize the gaming experience, allowing developers to create and thrive regardless of gatekeepers or budget constraints.
    • GLN will give players a voice in the early stages of design so that the built games are the ones that people want to play.
    • GLN will also offer rich narratives and interactive experiences that are unrivaled in any other medium.
    • The GLN platform space fosters creativity and innovation, avoiding current budgetary constraints, authoritative editors and marketing resources of lockers.
    • GLN will transform the industry into a meritocracy where visionaries will thrive even if, at first, they lack broad budgets.

    Token details

    Token: LOOT
    Platform: Ethereum
    Type: ERC-20
    Price in ICO: 1 LOOT = 0.35 USD
    Tokens for sale: 600,000,000

    Token Allocation

    Bounty program

    The project gives the opportunity to earn Game Loot Network (LOOT) tokens performing some social media tasks and doing simple steps from the bounty program explained into the Bitcointalk Webpage. Here ( you can access the link in order to see what are the conditions to become an early LOOTcontributor and start acquiring tokens.

    Doesn't that sound interesting? If you are interested in this airdrop or basically in the ICO, you can read their Whitepaper here ( You can also stay tuned in their official Telegram group ( I hope you liked the post and soon I'll send you new ones.

    WP link:

    Author Details

    Telegram username: @clauming

    BTT profile:;u=1870482

    Ethereum address: 0xC6AB45541006D53D31E25b41c7d245c5Ad99BF71

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