Firmware With Unlocked Overclock based on bitmain Antminer-Z9 Equihash ASIC Miners

  • Hi all

    Z9 (not Z9 mini) FW with unlocked frequencies is available for community for free

    Original frequencies are 500 and 550 MHz. But almost all Z9 from first batches are good at 650 MHz (+20% hashrate)

    is based on bitmain
    Antminer-Z9-DEFAULT-500-DUAL-MODE-201808280957.tar.gz firmware, only
    minor modifications were made - freq unlocking, adding freq list, adding
    links and donation addresses
    here they are at a glance:

    # diff -qr --no-dereference z9_orig/tmp z9_mod/tmp
    File z9_orig/tmp/dev/initctl is a fifo while file z9_mod/tmp/dev/initctl is a fifo
    Files z9_orig/tmp/usr/bin/cgminer and z9_mod/tmp/usr/bin/cgminer differ
    Files z9_orig/tmp/usr/bin/compile_time and z9_mod/tmp/usr/bin/compile_time differ
    Files z9_orig/tmp/www/pages/cgi-bin/minerAdvanced.cgi and z9_mod/tmp/www/pages/cgi-bin/minerAdvanced.cgi differ
    Files z9_orig/tmp/www/pages/cgi-bin/minerConfiguration.cgi and z9_mod/tmp/www/pages/cgi-bin/minerConfiguration.cgi differ
    Files z9_orig/tmp/www/pages/minerStatus.html and z9_mod/tmp/www/pages/minerStatus.html differ

    cgminer is modified using disassembler and bytes patching

    My collegue, efudd
    is working on the same task, but with more features/support etc. So you
    have an option to have a deal with him - check topic nearby

    here is sha1sum of original file 5f84317263cc875fa729547d78e4384e6f811391
    Update process is the same as for original firmware

    You can click "thank you" here, or make donation to keep people motivated to share such things in future
    BTC: 1HHzcJjKgKvs5HakqgGzsNXZ3sL6A6pJuK
    ZEC: t1ZZkYfnSGrXjVP371s7Uoembu2PQAqkGeG

    Please post your feedback, thank you
    PS I'm not a Z9 owner, and had a chance to test modified cgminer only at 1 machine.
    PPS Provided as is, no modifications or further improvements planned as for now

    I was really interested if donation system work or not, here are stats for everyone, so make your own conclusions )
    as for 10/06/18
    downloaded times from origin link - 147
    donations received - 0,0154BTC, 0.1 ZEC, 0.1 ZEC, 0.1 ZEC

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