UK Parliament Offered To Add Bitcoin As Tax Payment

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    The representative of the Conservative Party in the UK Parliament, Eddie Hughes stated the need to adopt Bitcoin to pay taxes and utility bills, The Daily Express reports.

    According to Hughes, blockchain technologies are of great interest in society, hence his colleagues in the Parliament have to understand how they work. The speaker, for his part, said that he himself is a crypto enthusiast who has amateur knowledge in the blockchain field.

    The idea of introducing Bitcoin to pay for services was prompted by the Royal National Lifeboat Institution, which had started accepting digital currencies as donations. According to Hughes, this example indicates the possibility of using bitcoin as a means of payment in municipal systems.

    In his speech, the lawmaker appealed to the recent decision by the authorities of the American state of Ohio to adopt bitcoin so that companies registered within the jurisdiction of the state could use the cryptocurrency to pay taxes.

    Hughes concluded that in order to maintain the status of a progressive country, the UK should move one step ahead of events.

    As it was previously reported, Tokyo authorities intend to take up the struggle against residents who evade paying taxes on profits received from cryptocurrency trading.

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