Airdrop HOT! FREE 4 (NAI) Tokens!

  • NaiTech (NAI) is a Prediction Market platform based on Artificial intelligence. If the project is successful, there will be great prospects.

    Instructions For Get Free Tokens*
    1). Chat with NaiTech Airdrop Bot:
    2). Pass the human verification test.
    3). Sign up on the NaiTech Website (Mandatory, +1 NAi).
    4). Join NAiTech Telegram group (Mandatory, +1 NAi).
    5). Follow NaiTech on Twitter (Optional, +1 NAi).
    6). Like NaiTech Facebook (Optional, +1 NAi).
    7). Earn additional NAi tokens for per referral.

    Token type     ERC20
    Total supply     20,000,000
    Price/Token    $1.3

    About Project*
    Being highly rated on many ICO review websites, NaiTech is off to great start.
    NaiTech is created to cater to over a billion investors globally who are forced to rely on the minority of financial institutions for information and guidance regarding their investments.
    With Nai, they will have a platform that can predict with near perfect accuracy, the direction of any financial asset.
    The platform using AI, Blockchain Technology and the collected data of 150 years on financial markets, globally, will achieve what earlier seemed impossible.

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