HashFlare.io Cloud Mining

  • Brief description of our service:

    HashFlare offers to rent hashrate for mining SHA-256, Scrypt and Ethereum coins.


    SHA-256 , Scrypt, Ethash.

    Minimal hashrate units to buy:

    10 GH/s (sha-256); 1 MH/s (Scrypt); 100 KH/s (Ethereum)


    10 GH/s (sha-256) - $2.20; 1 MH/s (Scrypt) - $6.60; 100 KH/s (Ethereum) - $4.25

    Daily maintenance fee:

    $0.008 / 10 GH/s (sha-256); $0.01 / 1 MH/s (Scrypt); none for Ethereum contracts

    Contract period:

    lifelong* for SHA-256 and Scrypt-contracts; 1 year for Ethereum-contracts


    daily (currency: BTC, ETH)Refund policy: no refunds, all purchases are final except if otherwise stated by a particular law or offer.

    Payment methods:

    Credit or debit card, wire transfer, BTC, EMC.

    Minimal withdrawal sum:

    0.0004 BTC (incl. commission); 0.0007 ETH (incl. commission)

    Commission for withdrawal:

    0.0003 BTC / 0.0006 ETH (depending on GAS price)


    10% commission for every purchase made by your referrals.

    Available languages:

    English, Russian, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Greek, Chinese, Japanese.


    Pool allocation (manual hashrate distribution between bitcoin mining pools).

    * - If maintenance payments exceed the amount of rewards for mining the equipment will be switched off automatically.

    The main feature of our service is a an option to manually distribute available hashrate between different mining pools. User can distribute hashrate in an arbitrary percentage between up to three different pools. User can change the distribution of available hashrate once per day.

    Payment Methods

    The following payment options are available currently: credit or debit cards, Bitcoins, EmerCoin and a wire transfer. In addition there is an option to automatically reinvest your current balance into buying more hashrate.

    Funds Withdrawal

    Our service provides automatic payouts to the Bitcoin/Ethereum wallet specified in your profile.
    The minimum amount to withdraw is 0,0004 BTC or 0,0007 ETH.
    The Commission is 0,0003 BTC / 0,0006 ETH (depending on GAS price).

    Referral Program

    We've paid a lot of attention to the development of our Referral Program. By default user wishing to participate in it gets the usual referral links, however there is also an option to get access to the expanded version of dashboard specifically designed for the Referral Program participants.

    Our partners receive a 10% commission from each purchase their attracted users make. In addition we make individual offers for partners who generate a lot of good traffic.


    We use our own mining equipment provided by HashCoins LLC. You can check out available models on our official website: https://www.hashcoins.com/. If you want to see the miners with your own eyes you have to travel to our office in Tallinn (Estonia). If you travel from afar, please give us a call in advance.


    You can contact us by email, telephone or in writing (all contact details are listed on our website).


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