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  • Announcing Royal Coin ( ROYAL ), an experimental open-source decentralized CryptoCurrency created with a solid business model on top of the robust blockchain technology to take adoption of Digital Currency to the mainstream public. In recent past most new crypto-currencies have struggled to create significant buyers demand and hence failed to create sustainable long-term value for its investors. To overcome this problem Royal Coin ( ROYAL ) has been launched by a eminent team of Crypto Traders who have years of experience into crypto trading and creating significant wealth generation for all the stakeholders.

    To create long term increasing in value of ROYAL Coin through continuous PR, lobbying and providing information to the crypto-currency world, general public , entrepreneurs and policymakers, Royal coin (ROYAL) will be made one of the leading digital currencies in the Crypto-Space. Royalcoin along with other legitimate digital currencies will ultimately form a key component in the global monetary system.

    Features & Plans:

    Can be exchanged for Credit Card & FIAT currency (BTC, USD, GBP, EUR) (Through Our Secure Server)
    (♛) ( ROYAL will be one of the few Alt Coin that can be purchased via Credit Card/Paypal )
    (♛) Secure and fast
    (♛) User friendly
    (♛) Transparent
    (♛) Anonymous , Unlinkable transfers

    How long term value creation will be achieved in ROYAL Coin

    Promote Royalcoin with PR, news-updates and videos:
    ● in social media
    ● with technological policy makers
    ● among entrepreneurs all over the world
    (♕) Represent RoyalCoin in the cryptocurrency world by:
    ● joining forums to inform about Royalcoin and to answer questions
    ● getting listed on websites that show digital currencies by market capital
    ● teaming up with leading cryptocurrency exchanges
    (♕) Funds management by experienced team of Crypto traders
    (♕) Generating revenue by investing in other profitable ventures
    (♕) Creating Buy Support Walls
    (♕) Buy back of ROYAL Coin in a phased manner to increase its value

    Coin Name: ROYALCOIN

    Coin Ticker:ROYAL

    Algorithm:X13 Proof Of Stake

    Stake Interest:10%

    Total Coins:10 Millions

    ICO Offering:100%

    16584 p2p Port

    16585 rpc Port

    ICO Sold Privately. Coin is Ready To Be listed in The Exchanges.


    RoyalCoin Explorer


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  • New Exchange:

    RoyalCoin [ROYAL] is listed on Yobit


    RoyalCoin Dice:


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