minion game: win 800, or 7500 satohis


    Timer: 5 minutes

    Payout: Directly to Faucetbox

    You will collect Minions, or if you have bad luck, you will hit an empty field (25% chance)

    There are 2 prizes:

    Minor prize: 800 Satoshis, you need to fill 1 line of Minions (5 same minion images)

    You can click to claim button and 800 satoshis will go directly to your faucetbox. (but minions from this line will disappear)

    Jackpot: 7500 Satoshis - you need to fill all cells (6x5)

    Now , there is only 1 empty field, one giftbox appeared, when you hit the giftbox, your bonus balance will be increased by 50 satoshis, you will get the bonus when you will claim the 7500 satoshis.

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