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  • Our Mission:

    KushCoin is a multinational project seeking to implement blockchain innovation in the nascent and highly inefficient market of vertically integrated medical marijuana supply chains. The marijuana industry is at the mercy of disparities between local and  federal jurisdictions, further compounded by strife in an uncommitted administration - and that's Canada, the situation is even worse in America and Europe!

    KushCoin is the brainchild of a team of North American and European entrepreneurs heavily invested in the emerging marijuana market. This includes dispensaries along the North American west coast, leased farmland in Alberta and Manitoba, as well as publicly traded securities such as Canopy Growth Corp (TSX:CGC). We believe, as many of you do, in the potential of both the marijuana industry and the cryptocurrency revolution.

    Industry outsiders underestimate the logistical difficulties faced by large vertically integrated companies such as CGC; from leasing farmland, hedging crop yields, transportation logistics, storage, delivery, and patient registration - all this before it even reaches a dispensary for the distribution phase! These intermediary steps involve dozens if not hundreds of third-party contractors, cross accounting and payment risk. 

    These operations can be completely consolidated and streamlined with KushCoin implementation.

    KushCoin does not come with a premine or ICO. We are completely self-funded and believe that disrupting the marijuana space with blockchain technology will add value to the community as a whole, thus supporting our broad investments in the industry.

    Why KushCoin?

    Our cryptocurrency technology empowers both consumers and producers in the medical marijuana industry with an independent, decentralized banking solution.

    Consumer Advantages:

    • Anonymous Payments: With KushCoin, you don't have to provide your personal information or credit card info. This secures your privacy rights against the legal whims of future administrations and makes identity theft virtually impossible. 

    • Total Security and Control: KushCoins are protected by next generation cryptography - beyond current military standards. This ensures that no-one, including state actors, can unilaterally transfer your funds.

    • Zero Transaction Fees: Decentralized blockchain technology makes zero cost transactions possible, with an option for including a "mining fee" to complete your transaction at a prioritized speed.

    • Mobile Payments: Pay with the comfort and convenience of a dedicated mobile wallet (coming soon).

    Producer Advantages:

    • Borderless Payments: KushCoin uses decentralized technology, meaning that there is no difference in fees or limits. Whether you're supplying to the distributor next door or on another continent, your transactions cannot be censored and will complete near instantaneously.

    • No Compliance Required: Receiving credit card payments online, especially in evolving legal environment like the marijuana industry, can be a an unsurmountable hurdle for small local businesses. With KushCoin, there are no PCI standard or any other compliance requirements.

    • Zero Transaction Fees: Decentralized blockchain technology makes zero cost transactions possible, with an option for including a "mining fee" to complete your transaction at a prioritized speed.

    • Protection Against Fraud and Chargebacks: Unlike Paypal or other popular methods of online payment, KushCoin is immutable by design and transactions are final and irreversible. By eliminating the business cost of chargeback fraud, your lean operation can focus on being more competitive. 



    Coin Specifications:

    • Algorithm: X11

    • PoW + PoS: 

       Start                End      PoW
             1         1,200      420
       1,201         2,400      400
       2,401         3,600      380
       3,601         4,800      360
       4,801         6,000      340
       6,001         7,200      320
       7,201         8,400      300
       8,401         9,600      280
       9,601       10,800      260
     10,801       12,000      240
     12,001       13,200      220
     13,201       14,400      200
     14,401       15,600      180
     15,601       16,800      160

    Total POW.......................................................... 4,872,000 

      Start                 End      PoS
     16,801         34,800     124
     34,801         52,800       83
     52,801         70,800       42
     70,801     Perpetuity       20

    PoS before Perpetuity......................................... 4,482,000 

    Total PoW+PoS before Perpetuity........................9,354,000

    • Block Time: 72 seconds

    • Minimum Stake: 10 hours

    • Maximum Stake: 30 hours

    • Maturity: 150 blocks

    Desktop Wallet:


    Android/iOS Wallet:

    Coming soon!

    Mining Pool:



    http://[email protected]
    tweeter: https://twitter.com/The_Mining...

       HAPPY MINNING !!   

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    Social Media:


    Official Website:

    Website under construction


    Coming soon!


    We're doing alright for now!

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