Nicehash Relase Support for X11-gost algorithm

  • Dear users,

    We are introducing the immediate availability for buying and selling hashing power with X11-gost algorithm. The currently very popular Siberian chervonets (SIB) coin can be mined with the X11-gost algorithm hashing power. You can place orders and point them to any of your preferred pools for mining coins, based on X11-gost algorithm.

    For buyers

    All pools are compatible with NiceHash service. Place an order with your favourite pool and start mining. Minimal difficulty is 0.04, but for best mining performance, we recommend 0.1 or more.

    For miners/sellers

    Available locations are eu, usa, jp, hk.

    NVIDIA mining

    Example: Mining with NVIDIA GPU on EU location

    ccminer -a sib -o stratum+tcp:// -u [YOUR-BTC-ADDR].[YOUR-WORKER-NAME]

    AMD mining

    Example: Mining with AMD GPU on EU location

    sgminer -k sibcoin-mod -o stratum+tcp:// -u [YOUR-BTC-ADDR].[YOUR-WORKER-NAME] -p x --intensity 16 -w 64 -g 2

    We will add X11-gost algorithm to the next release of NiceHash Miner.

    Thank you for your using our service and keep on hashing! ;)

    Best regards,

    NiceHash team

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